Pay Your Park County Treasurer, CO Tax Bill Online

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When paying online, your taxes are not paid until the funds have cleared your bank account or credit card account and deposited into our bank. It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment has cleared and the credit applied to your Tax Account.

The payment processor will add the following non-refundable convenience fees. Park County does not retain any portion of the convenience fee.

Credit or Debit Card- 2.50% ($2.00 minimum)

E-Checks- $1.50 per transaction

If paying prior years: You are requesting to pay a tax account that has a tax lien. By making this payment, you are acknowledging that you are either the owner, the agent for the owner, or have a vested interest in this property. It is illegal to pay this redemption if one or more of these criteria are not met. By clicking I Agree below, you acknowledge that this is a true statement. If this statement is unclear or you need further assistance in understanding your rights, please call the Park County Treasurer's Office at 719-836-4334.